We care about people.

A consolidated brand in the insurance sector asked us for a rebranding due to the generational change they are experiencing. The briefing was very clear: "Find the balance between our legacy and our future".

After doing intense work to get to know the brand in depth, we realized that during more than 120 years of the company’s life, what everyone highlighted was the human quality of its team (which had been maintained from generation to generation) and above all of its President. With all this research, we hardly modified their logo, we just gave it a more modern and neat touch.
What we did work on in depth were all the materials surrounding the brand and the way it communicates inside and out. Building the brand narrative around the description of Personas as a unique combination of people who live, laugh, learn and share their passion for what they do.
Using the project to create a new face and direction for the future. Bold, current and full of energy.
In addition to creating the new brand image around people, we positioned the brand communication in a more specific way, focusing on the added value of the brand.
We explain to the world the power of Ferrer&Ojeda using the slogan: We built the future we imagine.