"Aquest estiu, toca el dos".

Creative campaign for a Catalan security systems. The objective was to reach out to people by bypassing the fierce competition in this sector.

When the brand explained its mission to us: to be the benchmark safety brand for Catalans, it was clear to us. We had to position ourselves on the side of the Catalans and their land: Catalonia. So we came up with a transversal (on and off line channels) and trans-generational strategy.
With the slogan Toca el dos -a typical Catalan saying- we encourage Catalans to travel around Catalonia. To discover spots of their country that they had never visited before with total peace of mind because Protegim, takes care of their homes and businesses while they are away.
Real people with real stories help us to explain our concept.
We created the campaign through real stories of people living in Catalonia. Each person tells us what their secret or favorite place in the country is and why. All of them discover us a new place that we have very close and that we should know.
Our protagonists can go to the place they love so much thanks to the security that Protegim protects what they call home.
We used posters as a teaser in the main cities of Catalonia. The poster only had a picture of the character, the claim and a QR code that took us to a landing page where the main part of the campaign was developed: explanation, data collection and bridge to social media and brand website.
In all these platforms we worked in parallel the development of each of the stories and encouraged users to participate by explaining where their secret place was. Based on a generic reel, we kicked off the 4 real stories that we chose as the axis of the campaign