Vegetarian for non vegetarians.

We build the creative strategy for VIVA. A project of two brothers who wanted to build a real and conscious project around a kitchen. We helped them to find out the name VIVA that in spanish has many meanings such as GO! or something that is alive. As the naming we created a brand that is always changing. No logo, no colors… we use a different logo or color for every occasion.
The only thing that remains always the same is the brand claim THERE IS A PLANET V.
This planet is VIVA planet and it’s definied by its own rules. Rules that are focused on honesty and respect for its environment: proximity to the ingredients, care for body and mind, support for cultural and social initiatives and above all love for people.
Right after the lockdown we turn viva logo into a smily face to break with Covid.
We turn everything into colors and good vibes.
As we had to wear masks, all the VIVA team wore a shirt with a big smile on it to thank people for supporting the restaurant.
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